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JDSU Helium-Neon gas laser

Reference: PSL-HeNe

JDSU helium-neon lasers with the wavelength 632.8nm are available in the power range from 0.5 mW to 22.5 mW.

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Product description

JDSU manufactures helium-neon lasers with the wavelength 632.8nm. All feature the patented close-cathode design that rapidly and uniformly distributes discharge heat throughout the laser, resulting in excellent thermal, beam-pointing, and power stability. The patented field concentrator design ignites the discharge within milliseconds of applying the start voltage. Hard-sealed internal mirrors, small physical size, and low noise result in greater reliability, longer life, and enhanced performance. Power ranges from 0.5 mW to 22.5 mW.


All JDSU helium-neon lasers are manufactured in a dedicated facility using state-of-the- art process control technology. This enables higher process yields, and results in dependable lead times and excellent on-time delivery performance.

Typical applications:

  • Flow cytometry
  • Metrology - Alignment
  • Laser-induced fluorescence
  • Semiconductor inspection


HeNe Laser at 632.8 nm:

Cylindrical housing, separate power supply:

ModelPowerPolarizationBeam pointing stability*Lab power supply**
11080.5 mW--1205-2
1108P0.5 mW500:1-1205-2
11070.8 mW--1205-2
1107P0.8 mW500:1-1205-2
11011,5 mW--1201-2
1101P1,5 mW500:1-1201-2
11032.0 mW--1201-2
1103P2.0 mW500:1-1201-2
11222.0 mW-<0.02 mrad1206-2
1122P2.0 mW500:1<0.02 mrad1206-2
11255.0 mW-<0.02 mrad1202-2
1125P5.0 mW500:1<0.02 mrad1202-2
11377.0 mW-<0.02 mrad1202-2
1137P7.0 mW500:1<0.02 mrad1202-2
113510.0 mW-<0.02 mrad1216-2
1135P10.0 mW500:1<0.02 mrad1216-2
114415.0 mW-<0.03 mrad1218-2
1144P15.0 mW500:1<0.03 mrad1218-2
114522.5 mW-<0.03 mrad1218-2
1145P21.0 mW500:1<0.03 mrad1218-2

*after 15 minutes warm-up
**OEM power supplies on request

HeNe laser with integrated high voltage power supply:

ModelPowerPolarizationBeam pointing stabilityLine adapter*
1508-20.5 mW--230 VAC
1508P-20.5 mW500:1-230 VAC
1507-20.8 mW--230 VAC
1507P-20.8 mW500:1-230 VAC


HeNe laser tubes without housing:

ModelPowerPolarizationVoltageCurrentStarting voltage
10080.5 mW-1000 V4.0 mA7 kV
1008P0.5 mW500:11000 V4.0 mA7 kV
10070.8 mW-1000 V4.0 mA7 kV
1007P0.8 mW500:11000 V4.0 mA7 kV
098-01.0 mW-1000 V3.7 mA10 kV
10011.5 mW-1400 V4.9 mA10 kV
1001P1.5 mW500:11400 V4.9 mA10 kV
098-22.0 mW-1200 V3.7 mA10 kV
098-32.0 mW-1200 V4.5 mA10 kV
10032.0 mW-1400 V4.9 mA10 kV
1003P2.0 mW500:11400 V4.9 mA10 kV
10222.0 mW-1300 V6.5 mA10 kV
10182.5 mW-1400 V4.5 mA7 kV

Please contact Laser 2000 for detailed data sheets and pricing.

Downloads - JDSU Helium-Neon gas laser


JDSU Self-Contained Helium-Neon Laser Systems 1500 Series

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JDSU Power Supply Options for Helium-Neon Lasers

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