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O/E-Receiver with InGaAs-Photodiode

Reference: TTI-TIA-3000

TIA-3000 mit InGaAs-PD 30kHz - The TIA-3000 is an instrument for the laboratory or for field use.

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Product description


The TIA-3000 is an instrument for the laboratory or for field use. This amplified optical-electrical converter can be used with a wide range of oscilloscopes and digitizers to provide the utility of a
convenient, easy to use fiber optic probe. Energizing the unit, the optical signal presented to it is faithfully reproduced on the CRT of the oscilloscope or digitizer. Applications for this instrument include: checking the output of fiber optic communication links, data links, fiber optic computer networks, eye pattern testing, the operation of laser sources, and the signal from an optical transmitter. Patch cords with various style fiber optic connectors can expand the utility of the instrument.

The TIA-3000 is comprised of a fiber coupled InGaAs detector coupled with a reverse bias voltage network and fast transimpedance amplifier. The output of the unit brought out to a type K female SMA connector. Light falling on the detector generates a positive-going proportional current. This current, multiplied by the transimpedance produces a voltage that is proportional to the light incident on the detector surface.
Normally the unit is used to drive a coaxial cable, this cable should have a 50 ohm characteristic impedance and be terminated with a 50 ohm load at the oscilloscope or other measuring device to be

The active area of the TIA-3000 is 50 microns in diameter. It is coupled to a 50 micron core optical fiber. Thus both singlemode and multimode sources may be tested without incurring excessive coupling losses. Typical optical return loss is 35 dB and is caused primarily by the FC/PC connector employed. If higher return loss is needed, The unit may be optionally equipped with singlemode angled PC connectors for ORLs of around 52 dB..

Note: This is an amplified unit.

Detector Type:InGaAs/InP (850-1700nm)
Voltage responsivity:470 V/W @ 1300 nm, 500V /W @ 1550 nm
Maximum Linear Input Power:2 mW Max
Input Without Damage:15 mW
Bandwidth (-3 B):30 KHz to 10 GHz
Sensitivity:-20 dBm @ 10^-10 BER
Output Impedance:Terminate in 50 Ohms
Output Connector:type K SMA Female
Fiber Optic Input Connector:FC
Input Numerical Aperture:0.23
Optical Return Loss:>35 dB, > 52 dB with APC connector
Power Required:120 VAC, 60Hz
Dimensions:1.2" W, 2.5"L, 1.5"H, (30.5 mm, 63 mm, 38 mm)
Weight:5oz; 150 g
Operating Temperature:0° - 40°C

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