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OSE-Antireflection coatings

Reference: OSE-Antireflex

AR-Coatings for all our substrates

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Esmat Jawad
Sales Engineer
+49 8153 405-48
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Product description

We offer a wide range of anti-reflection coatings that can be used on our lenses, quartz glasses, lenses or windows. The coating reduces the reflection losses of the optics and protects other optical components from the reflex.

By using our IAD (Ion Assisted Deposition) coating system, even glass fiber ends can be coated at low temperature. IAD coatings can thus cover most fibers and their endface finishes be applied.

Our "Super-V" coating provides the Ultimate Reflective Coatings (R <0.1%) for narrowband applications.

We also offer a laser line V coatings, broadband multilayer AR coatings, multiband AR coatings, Telecom AR coatings, and single-layer AR MgF2 coatings.Standard coatings can be easily ordered by appending a suffix to the product name.

The pages to be coated. For more complex We recommend that you consult our applications Engineers will be happy to advise you on the best coating for your needs.

On BK-7 substrates:

Super V: R <0,1% per surface at a certain wavelength

V-Coating: (λ <325 nm) R <0,5% per surface at a particular wavelength

V-Coating: (λ> 325 nm) R <0,25% per surface at a particular wavelength

Multiband AR: R <0,25% per surface at a certain wavelengths

Broadband AR: R <0,6% per surface area above the specified range

MgF2 AR: R <2,5% per surface over the specified range

Standard antireflective coatings are listed in the following table.

Type of CoatingWavelength range [nm]Reflectance per surface [%]Coating Suffix
Super V Coating633<0,1V33
Super V Coating670<0,1V36
Super V Coating780<0,1V40
Super V Coating830<0,1V43
Super V Coating980<0,1V44
Super V Coating1012<0,1V45
Super V Coating1064<0,1V46
Super V Coating1310<0,1V48
Super V Coating1550<0,1V49
V  Coating193<0,5A03
V  Coating248<0,5A04
V  Coating266<0,5A05
V  Coating281<0,5A06
V  Coating308<0,5A07
V  Coating325<0,25A08
V  Coating337<0,25A11
V  Coating352<0,25A13
V  Coating355<0,25A14
V  Coating351-364<0,25A15
V  Coating405<0,25A18
V  Coating416<0,25A16
V  Coating428-441<0,25A17
V  Coating476-488<0,25A19
V  Coating514<0,25A22
V  Coating521-532<0,25A26
V  Coating543<0,25A28
V  Coating594<0,25A30
V  Coating612<0,25A31
V  Coating633-635<0,25A33
V  Coating670-694<0,25A36
V  Coating750A39
V  Coating780<0,25A40
V  Coating830<0,25A41
V  Coating905<0,25A43
V  Coating980<0,25A44
V  Coating1064(1047-1080)<0,25A46
V  Coating1150<0,25A47
V  Coating1310<0,25A48
V  Coating1540-1550<0,25A49
V  Coating2060-2100<0,25A50
Multiband AR510-530&745-765<0,4A57
Multiband AR633&1064<0,25A77
Multiband AR532&1064<0,25A78
Multiband AR266 &532<0,5 & <0,25A79
Multiband AR240-360<0,5A51
Multiband AR360-532<0,6A52
Multiband AR425-675<0,6A55
Multiband AR525-975<1,0A56
Multiband AR600-900<0,6A58
Multiband AR600-1600<2,0A59
Multiband AR670-1100<0,6A62
Multiband AR850-1500<0,6A63
Multiband AR800-1200<0,6A66
Multiband AR1100-1600<0,6A67
Multiband AR2600-3000<0,6A69
Telecom AR1260-1650<0,4A92
Telecom AR1300 & 1550<0,25A93