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Beam Profiler BladeCam-XHR

Reference: DAT-BladeCam-XHR

The BladeCam-XHR combines an extremely compact design (housing depth of only 6.5 mm) with a very high resolution of the sensor.

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Product description

Beam Profiler from DataRay for beam analysis

The beam analysis camera of the XHR series is available in two versions. While the big brother WinCamD-XHR with a housing of 61 x 67 x 29 mm is relatively large, the BladeCam design impresses with its compact dimensions of 46 x 46 x 11.5 mm. This makes it currently the smallest beam profile camera on the market.

Depending on the model, the ½ "CMOS sensor can display wavelengths from 190 nm to 1680 nm. The minimum beam diameter is 32 μm. This beam analysis camera is connected to the computer via a USB 2.0 interface.

To protect the CMOS sensor, the beam analysis camera includes three ND filters (ND1, 2 and 4).

The freely available software is included in the beam analysis camera and is fully supported by DataRay and provided with regular updates. Adjustments to the user can be made and also the fully automated M² measurement is supported. The M² option is suitable for this.

Technical characteristics of the BeamProfiler (beam analysis camera):




1/2"CMOS, 1.3 MPix, 10-bit

Pixel: (µm)

2048 x 1536 zu je 3,2 x 3,2

Active area: (mm)

6,5 x 4,9

Measurable sources:



Auto (optical), synchronous & variable delay, TTL input / output

Wavelength range:

UV-converter: (nm)

1 - 355

UV: (nm)

260 - 1150

Standard: (nm)

355 - 1150

1310: (nm)

1290 - 1330 (Residual sensitivity, tested)

IR: (nm)

1480 - 1680 (direct phosphor coating)

IR-Adapter: (nm)

1480 - 1680

smallest beam diameter (1/e²): (µm)


largest beam diameter (1/e²): (mm)


Resolution: (µm)

0,1 (expected)

Dynamic range (without attenuation):


43.5 dB; Signal/RMS-noise 20.000:1


7.5 dB

Update rate:

1-10 Hz depending on active area and PC

PC requirement:

1 GHz Pentium, Windows XP Pro / Vista / 7/8, 512 MB RAM, 10 MB Drive Space, Monitor 1024 x 768 Pix. USB2.0 port

Downloads - Beam Profiler BladeCam-XHR

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