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Position Sensing System, CCD-Version

Reference: DUM-ccd

The sub-micron resolution CCD position sensor for position measurements on pulsed laser sources is ideal for reliable measurements.

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Product description

CCD laser beam position measuring system with sub-micrometer resolution


A new hardware configuration: a USB 2.0 adapter replacing the need for the PCI card and enabling operation of the system on any Laptop computer. Enjoy a high-resolution positioning device on a portable platform! The PCI-version is still available on request.

High accuracy beam centroid measurement system, capable of measuring up to 3 beams simultaneously. The system measures both CW and pulsed beams over a wide spectral range: from UV through near IR.

Main Software features:

  • 3 Regions of interest for simultaneous measurements of up to 3 beams.
  • Centrois calculation and display
  • 2D contour map of beam in real time
  • Data exporting to other computers via RS232
  • Data logging and detailed statistics
  • Software controlled electronic shutter
  • Avarage function


  • Measure laser centration or displacement
  • Align laser beams and QC of fiber optics
  • Calibrate surface flatness and machine tool alignment
  • Monitor vibration, deflection and motion

Sensor:1/2" CCD (4.83 x 6.47 mm)
spectral range:VIS: 350 - 1100 nm / UV: 190 - 1100 nm / IR: 1310 nm or 1550 nm
position resolution:< 1µm
position accuracy:max. 5 µm deviation over full measurement range
shutter range:1/50s - 1/10.000s
max. frame rate:30 Hz
max. pulse rate for single shot:10 kHz
dimensions:Ø 64 x 60 mm

Complete system, including a plug-in PCI card or USB 2.0 attachment, a CCD camera (1/2'' size), with attached cable, a set of 2xNG10 filters in housing, operating software for Windows, carrying case, user manual.

Downloads - Position Sensing System, CCD-Version


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