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Digital Position Sensing System

Reference: DUM-spoton

Spoton system evaluates signals simultaneously.

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Product description

Optical Beam Position and Power Measurement System

The SpotOn-system enables the readout of the position signals of up to 2 detector heads with one software and interface. A complete system consists of 1 or 2 detectors, the interface unit and software.

The software calculates the position and the optical power and displays both values numerical and graphical. In addition you can activate a chart diagram of the temporal behaviour of position and power. Data transfer and communication with Excel or LabView is possible.

As detectors you can chose lateral effect detectors as well as quadrant detectors with 10 or 30 µm gap.

Lateral effect-PSD

  • SPOT-L-04 (4 mm x 4 mm)
  • SPOT-L-09 (9 mm x 9 mm)
  • SPOT-L-10 (10 mm x 10 mm and sealing glass)
  • SPOT-L-18 (18 mm x 18 mm and seling glass)
  • SPOT-L-22 (22 mm x 22 mm with optical expander)
  • SPOT-L-44 (44 mm diameter with filter)

4-Q segmented PSD

  • SPOT-Q (10 mm x 10 mm with 30 µm Gap)
  • SPOT-U (10 mm x 10 mm with 10 µm Gap and sealing glass)

All detectors are delivered with a calibration file.
The combination of a PSD and a lens allows the measurement of the angular displacement.
Each detector can be delivered with a filter which matched the wavelengt of the laser and reduces the influence of ambient light.

Downloads - Digital Position Sensing System


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