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Pulsed DPSS Lasers

Reference: LCL-DTL-xxxQT

The LCL series pulsed lasers are actively q-switched DPSS lasers with an outstanding cost-to-performance ratio.

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Product description


The LCL series pulsed lasers are actively q-switched DPSS lasers. The pulse repetition rate is adjustable by an external trigger signal or by RS232 via a computer. High pulse energies are achieved having compact dimensions and air cooling. The pulse energy is adjustable via the RS232 interface.

Available LCL series laser models:

WavelengthPart numberPulse energy at 1 kHzPulse durationPulse repetition rate max.
355 nmLCL-DTL-375QT20 µJ< 7 ns (at 2 kHz)10 kHz
355 nmLCL-Garnet20 µJ< 7 ns (at 2 kHz)2 kHz
532 nmLCL-DTL-314QT25 µJ< 10 ns (at 1 kHz)10 kHz
1064 nmLCL-DTL-324QT100 µJ< 10 ns (at 1 kHz)10 kHz

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