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Diode Pumped Solid State Laser SLM

Reference: OXX-LCX-SLM

Diode pumped Solid State Lasers at 532 nm, 553 nm, 561 nm or 640 nm, Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM).

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Product description

Narrow spectral linewidth Solid State Lasers

These special 532, 553, 561 or 640 nm lasers are based on a monolithic resonator. The emission is low noise and single frequency. These laser module is based on a ground-breaking Alignment-free Monolithic Resonator (AMR).

Because of its unparalleled compactness, unique noise characteristics and affordability, it is an ideal solution for a variety of instrumentation and metrology applications including flow cytometry and confocal microscopy. In particular, its minimal footprint and low power requirements enable the design of portable analytical tools that were up to now simply not feasible.

The laser feature excellent optical beam properties along with outstanding power stability and noise-free emission, providing the full performance set required by many applications.

Due to the narrow emission linewidth these lasers are especially suitable for the Raman spectroscopy and applications requiring long coherent length.


WavelengthPower Output mW (cw)Power Consumption max./typ. (W)
532 nm50...80025 / -
553 nm25...30030 / 20
561 nm25...50025
640 nm10025

General Attributes:

Spectral linewidth1 MHz
Coherence length100 m
Beam ProfilTEMoo, M2 < 1.1
Beam Diameter0.7 mm
Divergency (1/e2, full angle)< 1 mrad
Beam Pointing Stability5 µrad (RMS over 1 hour and +/- 1,5°C)
Circularity> 90%
Optical Noise< 0.2% (10 Hz bis 2 MHz)
Polarisationlinear, > 100:1
Working temp.15°C - 45°C
Dimensions laser head40 x 40 x 100 mm (BHL)
Dimensions Controller135 x 97 x 30 mm
Inputvoltage5 VDC / 230 VAC
Power consumption (max./Typ.)30/20 W

  • Power Control via PC
  • Fiber Coupling (SM, PM, MM)
  • Mode hop free operating
  • Application: Raman Spectroscopy
  • Wavelength Stablility: 1 pm (over 8 hours, +/- 3°C)

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