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FRED trial

Reference: FRED-Probeversion

You think that FRED could help with your problem and would like to test the software yourself first?

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Product description

Demo version

Limitations of the demo version:

  •   No storage
  •   No scripting
  •   No optimization
  •   Limited number of beams (500 incoherent, 50 coherent beams)

The following link allows you to download the demo version:


30-day full-featured trial

In addition, you can also get a fully functional version for 30 days with further interest. This software can only be purchased once in the company and can no longer be applied for by one person. Laser 2000 reserves the right to investigate the case and to counteract possible misuse.

This is how it works in 9 steps:

Contact your contact person at Laser 2000 who will provide you with the download link.

1. Download the FRED software from the website

Note: The 64-bit installer requires a 64-bit computer. The 32-bit installer runs on 32- and 64-bit computers as a 32-bit program.

2. Install Fred 

3. Generate the registration file and send to the FRED contact


  • Open FRED
  • Click on the menu "Help / License Authorization"


  •  Click on "Generate File"
  •  Send the Loc-file and the completed registration file to us

5. Laser2000 will send you by e-mail a license file (* .lic) and an authorization file (* .txt). Save these files to a known location on your computer.

6. If not already open, start FRED. In the Software License Permission dialog box, select the radio button Browse the location of your saved * .lic file with the "..." button, and then click the "Apply File" button. After accepting the license file, the hardware key status should be at the top of the "Not Licensed" dialog.


7. Open the received * .txt file and copy the two lines of the hex authorization codes. These codes have the form:



8. Paste these codes in the "FRED License Authorization Passwords" text box and press the "Refresh" button.

9. Congratulations on the successful installation of FRED Optical Engineering Software!

Student licenses

As a Bachelor, Master or PhD student, you can also receive a temporary full version for your work. In order to obtain this license, the work may not be used commercially and serves basic research.

Downloads - FRED trial

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