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1.6T DCI Optische Transport Plattform View larger

1.6T DCI Optical transport platform

Reference: PKL-PL-2000DC

PacketLight's PL-2000DC transport platform for the interconnection of data center (DCI), cloud and colocation providers provides transfer rates for up to 2.4T (24x100G) in a 1U enclosure. Built-in encryption with extremely low latency ensures maximum security.

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Product description

Optical transport platform for high transfer rates

PacketLight's new PL-2000DC supports applications such as haul and metro transport solutions at up to 600G per wavelength or ultra-long haul 100G solutions, provides the demarcation between service and uplink DWDM, and is fully compatible with any switch or router. Thus you get full visibility and control of the optical transport layer and the service interface 100G LAN / OTU4.

With its flexible pay-as-you-grow architecture, the modular system offers a viable solution for up to 100G services.


  • Pay-as-you-grow architecture based on
    • Four pluggable 2x100G on 1x200G plug-in modules
    • Two pluggable double 6 x 100G (ie 1.2T) plug-in modules
  • Clients: max. 24x100G LAN; OTU4
  • Flexible transmission capacity of 200G-600G by wavelength
  • FEC operating modes: GFEC / UEFC + SD-FEC, OTU4 service, 100GbE service
  • Compatible with CFP2 ACO DWDM, QSFP28 SR4 / LR4 / CWDM
  • Comprehensive routes and service monitoring
  • Remote Management
  • Easy maintenance with field replaceable parts



  • More capacity per leased dark fiber due to higher transmission speed (200-600 Gbit / s per wavelength)
  • Less space required per rented rack installation height (up to 2.4TBit / s per 1U Rack Space)
  • Less power consumption per transmitted bit (max 540W / HE)



  • 2.4T connections for DCI and collocation providers
  • 2.4T Connections for Cloud and Internet Exchange
  • 24x100G LAN-to-WAN converter for long distance connections
  • All point-2-point applications with requirements up to 24x 100G

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