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Reference: VIA-E136

Viavi SmartOTDR (formerly JDSU) is a low-cost, easy-to-use optical reflectometer.

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Product description

SmartOTDR by Viavi

Viavis SmartOTDR is a low-cost, easy-to-use visual Reflectometer. It combines all fiber testing in a compact tester and allows the execution of optical Reflectometer measurements, fiber end-face analysis, optical attenuation and fault location with a red light source.

Benefits of SmartOTDR

  • Quick and easy measurements using the SmartOTDRs
    • Manage data from any point in the network
      • Multiple connectivity options (3G / 4G smartphone via USB and Bluetooth / Wi-Fi) allow remote control and transfer data and work orders to and from tablets, smartphones and computers.
    • Lower running costs
      • Three year warranty as the default for the SmartOTDR TM.
    • Work more efficiently in the field
      • Low weight, extremely compact, two-handed operation through shoulder bag and long battery life of up to 20 hours.

    Applications of SmartOTDR

    • Characterizing point-to-point optical access & and metronetworks.
    • Qualify and troubleshoot FTTH / PON / FTTA networks.

    Features of the SmartOTDR

    • SmartOTDR TM versions with one, two or three wavelengths of 1310, 1550 and 1625 nm (in-service).
    • PON-optimized for testing with 1x128 splitter.
    • Automatic fiber testing with good / bad analysis
    • Integrated CW light source on the OTDR connector.
    • Integrated optical level meter and VFL red light source (options).
    • Large 5-touch screen (12.7 cm)

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