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OTDR measurement module from Viavi

Reference: VIA-MTS2/4-OTDR

The OTDR measurement module from Viavi (formerly JDSU) for the expansion of the modular JDSU MTS-2000 and MTS-4000 measurement platforms.

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Product description


VIAVI's Series 4100 OTDR modules enable service engineers to design all optical network architectures, such as enterprise, FTTA and FTTx / access networks, point-to-point and point-to-point passive point-to-point (PON) optical and optical networks Install, set up and troubleshoot metro networks quickly, reliably and inexpensively. The optical performance parameters of the Series 4100 OTDR modules, combined with the MTS platform's testing capabilities, ensure that each measurement is performed correctly the first time.


  • Combination of OTDR, power level meter and CW light source for additional test flexibility.
  • Accurate fault diagnosis in PON networks with special wavelengths for fault diagnosis during operation.
  • OTDR tests with immediate automatic traffic detection prevent interference with the live signal and damage to the optical transmitter.


  • Installation and commissioning of enterprise, access and metro networks.
  • Characterization and fault diagnosis of FTTA fiber optic cables (macrocell radio masts, fiber optic backhaul and distributed cells).
  • Qualification and fault diagnosis of FTTH-PON networks (verification of distribution fibers and connecting fibers as well as tests by splinters).

Performance Features

Dynamic range of up to 45 dB and up to 256,000 measuring points.
  • PON-optimized for testing with up to 1x128 splitter.
  • Combined singlemode / multimode version.
  • One, two and three wavelength versions for 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 and 1650 nm.
  • Light source and power level meter integrated with the OTDR port.
  • CWDM OTDR modules for all 18 channels and DWDM OTDR module with tunable laser
  • Available as a FiberComplete version for automated bidirectional OTDR, IL and ORL measurements.

Downloads - OTDR measurement module from Viavi

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