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FRED for advanced Person

Reference: 011-FRED-Seminar-Fortge.

This intensive 3-day seminar is aimed at advanced users of the software FRED - focus on lasers

1 999,00 € tax excl.

Regina Krebs
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FRED for advanced Person


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Product description

FRED for advanced Person

All participants should have attended the first FRED training and have basic knowledge of optical physics. The course starts with theoretical content and includes the illustration of many examples using the FRED software. We ask you to bring your notebook (with installation rights) to the training.

The special emphasis of this seminar is on the treatment of Gaussian rays. The FRED software stands out clearly with its own radiation model from other software tools.

The seminar language is English.

The registration deadline for the FRED seminar is four weeks before the first day of the seminar.



  • Hierarchy of optical theories
  • What does "optical physics" mean?

Mathematical description of optical wave fields

  • Maxwell equations
  • Poynting Vector and Radiation Intensity
  • Plane waves / spherical waves

Basics of radiometry

The characteristic of Gaussian rays

  • Spherical waves after Gauss
  • Wide field divergence and beam width
  • Focusing properties of Gaussian rays

Propagation of Gaussian rays in complex raytracing

  • The ABCD law for Gaussian propagation
  • Rules for complex raytracing
  • Accuracy of Complex Raytracing (with FRED)
  • Cliffs of Gaussian Rays (with FRED)

Electromagnetic waves as a superposition of Gaussian rays

  • Compute the diffraction in complex raytracing
  • Rules for the resolution in Gaussian beams
  • Simulation of classical interference (with FRED)
  • Simulation of the Fraunhofer diffraction (with FRED)
  • Diffraction of clipped laser beams (with FRED)
  • Advantages and limitations of complex raytracing

Simulation of Special Optical Phenomena with FRED

  • Fresnel diffraction structures at apertures
  • Propagation of a laser diode beam
  • Modeling a (non-diffracting) Bessel beam
  • Pulse Propagation
  • Spatial filtering
  • Coupling efficiency of optical fibers
  • Simulation of speckle effects
  • Propagation by turbulence
  • Simulation of polarization effects with FRED
  • Simulation of partial coherence with FRED

Simulation of complex systems with FRED

  • Refractive imaging systems
  • In reflection imaging systems (with and without scattering)
  • Simulation of interferometers with FRED
o   Michelson interferometer
o   Fabry-Perot interferometer
o   Mach-Zehnder interferometer
o   Fizeau interferometer
o   Shearing interferometer
o   Point Diffraction Interferometer

The venue of the seminar is the BEST WESTERN Hotel Cristal, Schwanthalerstraße 36, 80336 Munich.

As a place to stay we recommend the Hotel Dolomit.

The hotel rooms can be canceled up to 28 days before the start of the seminar free of charge!

Registration fee:

3-day price: 1.999, - net plus 19% VAT

4-day price: 2.649, - net plus 19% VAT

including coffee, conference drinks and lunch menu

incl. FRED full version for the duration of the training as well as a user manual

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