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Polarization Controller

Reference: VIA-MAP-mPCS-A1

Polarization controller from Viavi (formerly JDSU) for arbitrary polarization states for the optical test platform MAP.

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Product description

The Multiple Application Platform (MAP) Polarization Controller Cassette provides an efficient and precise way of creating any state of polarization. It can also be used as part of a polarization state analyzer.

The single width MAP Polarization Controller Cassette is comprised of three rotating elements: a high extinction ratio polarizer, a quarter-wave plate and a half-wave plate. Each element can be controlled locally from the MAP local interface or remotely through the RS-232 or GPIB. The controller configuration can be offered with a single-mode (SM) or a polarization maintaining fiber (PMF) input.

The polarization controllers can be combined with other instruments to complete measurement test systems such as erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) or passive component test sets.

Key Features

  • Complete polarization control
  • Designed to meet IEEE Std. 802.3aeTM 10 GbE testing requirements
  • Designed to perform fast polarization dependent loss (PDL) measurements (4-state Mueller method)
  • Compact single width cassette
  • Very high angular accuracy and absolute fast axis alignment accuracy


  • Passive component PDL and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) measurements
  • EDFA noise and polarization dependent gain (PDG) measurements
  • 10 GbE transceiver worst-case relative intensity noise and dispersion penalty measurements
  • Optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) and extinction ratio (ER) measurements

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