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Optical power meter

Reference: VIA-MAP-mOPM-B1

Optical power meter from Viavi (formerly JDSU) with high linearity and low PDL loss for the optical test platform MAP.

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Product description


JDSU offers two types of MAP Power Meter Cassette. The first is a power meter with a 3 mm InGaAs detector and the second is a power meter with 10 mm Ge detector.

3 mm InGaAs MAP Power Meter The power meter is optimized for applications using singlemode or multimode fiber to measure power levels from -80 to +10 dBm over the wavelength range of 800 to 1650 nm. It features incomparable accuracy, high linearity and extremely low PDL. The MAP Power Meter Cassette with 3 mm InGaAs detector is available in single or dual configuration and comes with an analog electrical output for external monitoring. The sampling rate can be set as low as 100 µs for high-speed applications.

For ultimate flexibility the detector heads were designed with the JDSU AC100 interchangeable detector adapters. Detector adapters are available for six connector types as well as a fiber holder that permits bare fiber measurements (please refer to the Optional Accessories section). The cassette is supplied with an FC detector adapter as a standard accessory. An optional integrating sphere may be fastened to the front panel allowing for increased power measurement capability to 33 dBm (2 W) with decreased PDL to 0.005 dB.


  • Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) channel measurements (Up to 128 channels/controller addresses)
  • Amplifier characterization (Up to 2 W of input power)
  • Bit error rate (BER) testing
  • Precise optical power control (± 0.01 dB)
  • Receiver and transmitter testing

Key Features

  • Low PDL (< 0.01 dB)
  • Wide wavelength range (800 to 1650 nm)
  • High power option (2 W)
  • Dual detector option
  • Bare fiber measurements capability

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