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Lawful Interception Management Switch

Reference: CAL-Sxxx

Calient's Optic Switch (OOO / All optical Switch) provides flexible, protocol-transparent, wavelength-independent, non-blocking connectivity between fiber optic links

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Product description

Calient - Optical matrix switches for a variety of fiber optic applications

Manage your fiber connections quickly and reliably from anywhere, in seconds. Just take a Calient matrix switcher - better described as a fiber server or active optical patch panel - connect it to your network components, configure the connection with 2 mouse clicks and you're done, all without elaborate configurations.

The solution

Calient's all-photonic, non-blocking, and data-rate-independent Fiber Optic Switching solution integrates powerful and intelligent software with state-of-the-art, highly available hardware that delivers unsurpassed speed, flexibility, and agility, fiber optics with any optical signal (SDH / OTN / IP / Ethernet / WDM / ...) as required. The powerful software allows extensive control, monitoring and automatic reconfiguration of the signals in real time. With internal management, you have fast access to target optical signal streams and distribute them flexibly to destination directions and send them to gauges such as a computer. Bit error gauges, spectrum analyzers or OTDRs, all without interrupting network traffic. Integration in SDN environments is guaranteed by the support of the Netconf protocol in the Yang model
The main applications and applications of the Glimmerglass IOS Switch solution
  • In the interconnected network of telecom network operators or in the data center / POP interconnection network, the systems enable favorable local or end-to-end photonic redundancies on the lowest, thus cheapest and fastest network level with millisecond switching times.
  • In the data center / POPs at the network operators and exchanges, it offers the possibility of telecommunications surveillance ("Lawfull Interception") due to its high packing density and virtually attenuation-free connection technology.
  • In the transmission network of (telecommunication) network operators, the switch offers the possibility to easily and flexibly loop in measuring systems such as OTDR, bit error measuring devices or optical spectrum analyzers (OSA) into any fibers.
  • In the case of broadcast or corporate satellite services, the systems increase the reliability through individual automatic replacement mechanisms for critical connections. In teleport applications, the systems simplify traditional technology by replacing multiple stages of construction simultaneously so that RF / RF interference does not even occur.
  • In the test lab for hardware and software test automation of network elements or in the component area, the systems replace the need to change the cabling and thus arrange the test setup, or allow quick transfers from one measurement task to the next by depositing scripts.

Special features that should be emphasized:

  • extremely low power dissipation of the S320 from e.g. only 45Watt when fully equipped
  • The very low insertion loss of typically 0.8 dB (measured without plug)
  • Very high MTBF time of over 40 years with many switching cycles
The technology developed by Calient uses an intelligent micro-mirror system to connect. In this case, so-called MEMS (micro electro-mechanical mirrors) are used in combination with lenses to direct the light in the free jet from the input to the output.
It is simple and works
The light is guided from the entrance to the exit by means of flat mirrors (about 1mm in diameter), which can be tilted in 2 axes. The control of the mirrors uses a feedback control system, which constantly monitors the connection and corrects if necessary. Our customers will confirm its reliability!

The main functions
The Calient fiber server is much more than just an optical switch.
  • It can switch simple, duplex or multiple connections
  • It supports the monitoring of networks and the automatic restoration of connections.
  • All you need to do is set the backup connection to which the server should automatically switch if a physical connection error is detected.
Key Benefits of Calient Optical Switch Solution
  • Reduction of operating costs (OPEX) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).
  • Achieving five 9s high availability (99.999% = 5min / a) results in minimizing or eliminating SLA penalties.
  • Investment protection with growing data rates from 1G to 10G to 40G to 100G and more through protocol-independent, transparent data transmission.
  • Long-standing, proven in the field Reliable and an excellent reputation.
  • Remote switching and re-routing of optical signals in real-time with intuitive user interface (or command-line interface).
Computer-controlled, transparent, non-blocking fiber switching
The fiber server is compatible with any data protocol or transmission rate. The data can be transparently re-routed from each input to each output.
  • Transparent: The data is not changed or regenerated.
  • Automated: The program can monitor the fiber connections and switch to free lines, around the clock!
  • Remote-controlled: Monitor all connections and extract the current status from anywhere.
  • Non-blocking: Connect each input to each output, regardless of the jamming of the other prots and without affecting them
Available functions
  • Real-time monitoring of all optical ports
  • Alarm triggers and configurable thresholds for optical power
  • Automatic switching in case of signal loss
  • Connection from single port to multiport thanks to integrated splitter
  • Adjusting the Optical Output Power with Integrated Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA)
  • Advanced user control via Virtual Private Switch
  • Manage multiple switches from one workstation
  • VPN - Virtual Switch Architecture for Multi-User Environments
Variants of design
For the full techn. Specifications use the data sheets for the respective system.
  • S160 (5U) - 160x160 Any-2-Any connections
  • S320 (7U) - 320x320 Any-2-Any connections
  • S640 (14U) - 640x640 East-2-West connections
(also for duplex and bi-directional connections)
Setup in minutes
Just plug the fibers into inputs and outputs. Possible connectors include u.a. LC, SC, FC, MU, MTP in UPC or APC. The graphical interface (GUI) only needs an Ethernet connection and your default browser to switch the connections. 
Reliability over everything! 
Switching occurs automatically very fast (<25ms) and with very little insertion loss (~ 1,5dB with plugs), unidirectional and bi-directional.
The power supply is redundant and can be switched during operation.
The temperature range for operation is between -5 ° C and 50 ° C.
Users get their assigned rights via their password-protected access to manage the switch. So a worldwide access is possible with the following functions:
  • Central configuration
  • Central monitoring
  • central logging and viewing events
  • Sending events and SNMP traps
  • Direct control of the switches
SDN environments will be supported with Netconf protocol in the Yang model as well as SNMPv3, CORBA and TL1 management systems.
Simple evaluation
No matter what you use it for: you can generate reports about which input is connected to which output, for how long and with which optical power. You can change configurations by clicking them, then save them and upload them again.

Downloads - Lawful Interception Management Switch


Datencenter, Telekommunikation, Cyber Security, Industrie-Netzwerke, Fiber-Sensing Katalog

Download (10.93M)

Datenblatt für den Clalient E640 Optical Circuit Switch

Download (438.85k)

Datenblatt für den Clalient S160 Optical Circuit Switch

Download (442.47k)

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