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Optical Loss Test Kit – Tier 1 Certifier

Reference: VIA-MPOLx

The Viavi OLTS-85 / 85P is an efficient and easy-to-use Optical Loss Test Kit for Tier 1 fiber certification. The documentation of the fiber end face inspection as well as the fiber certification on the device optimize the work processes.

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Product description


The MPOLx consists of an optical source (LS) and a power level meter (PM) with integrated MPO test functions. This provides a fast and reliable workflow for testing and certifying native network links with MPO ports.

This MPOLx measurement solution allows service technicians to perform all tests required for basic certification (Tier 1):

  • Measurement of the MPO fiber length
  • Measurement of the optical loss
  • Control of polarity
  • Visual inspection of the fiber end surfaces
  • Preparation of certification reports

With the MPOLx and built-in base functions, you can promote best practices and help technicians complete their jobs faster through streamlined workflows.


The MPOLx loss tester sets a new benchmark in labor productivity when testing and certifying MPO multi-fiber connectors. As with all Viavi basic certification (Tier 1) glass fiber solutions, one device is available for each fiber end. This ensures uninterrupted transparency and control, as tests are performed on both the optical source and the level meter. Both devices are equipped with a 3.5 "(8.89 cm) color touch screen and integrated test functions for line and chassis connectors. The MPOLx allows the technician to inspect the MPO end faces and perform the tests from both ends of the fiber. This considerably reduces the running distances between the measuring points.

Übersicht Messergebnisse      Ansicht des Polaritätstest

Overview of measurement results                                       View of the polarity test

Since the test results for all 12 fibers of the MPO connector are displayed in less than six seconds, the MPOLx loss tester ensures fast workmanship. For each MPO fiber, color coded good / bad results, test limits, fiber length, test wavelength, loss, reserve, and polarity are output.


  • Fast and reliable process for testing and certification
  • Full transparency and control at the optical source and at the power level meter
  • Complete testing and analysis of MPO end faces at both fiber ends
  • Compatible with the FiberChekPRO

Performance Features

  • Length measurement
  • Measurement of optical loss at several wavelengths
  • Check polarity on all 12 MPO fibers
  • Testing native MPO ports directly on the devices
  • Output test results for all 12 MPO fibers in less than six seconds
  • Examination of fiber end surfaces on native MPO connectors and automatic analysis for cable and chassis connectors
  • Optical sources with two wavelengths
  • Compatible with encircled flux injection (EF)
  • 3.5 "color touch screen (8.89 cm) on all MPOLx devices
  • Preparation of certification reports
  • Long battery operation for the entire working day

Downloads - Optical Loss Test Kit – Tier 1 Certifier


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