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Optical ROADM spectrum analyzer

Reference: VIA-OSA-500R

With the optical ROADM Spectrum Analyzer OSA-500R (RS), all possibilities are offered to set and measure current networks on the optical layer.

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Product description

Optical ROADM Spectrum Analyzer from Viavi

In current networks, optical wavelengths are no longer transmitted only between two points. Wavelengths are now switched or routed on the optical layer (CWDM / DWDM) according to the requirements.

Application of the optical ROADM spectrum analyzer

In such networks, wavelength-selective components (ROADM) are used for coupling / decoupling wavelengths. Here, a spectral measurement of the signals is essential. With the optical ROADM Spectrum Analyzer OSA-500R (RS), all possibilities are offered to set and measure current networks on the optical layer. If wavelengths are taken out of a network and possibly transferred back into another network of DWDM channels, the in-band OSNR measurement comes into play. This measurement allows to view a single channel. In this channel, the influences of the adjacent channels can now be measured in order to clearly illustrate the in-band influence. From the used channel grid a channel can be extracted and analyzed individually.

Further optional testing options include a software-based "fixed-analyzer" PMD measurement and a test application for signal sources such as laser diodes, LEDs and optical amplifiers. These modules fit into the MTS8000 and MTS8000E (V2) platforms.

Technical information of the optical ROADM spectrum analyzer

AnalysisWDM,Drift,DFB,LED,FPL,EDFA,In_band OSNR
DisplayGraph, WDM table, graph and table
Spectral measurement
Wavelength1250 - 1650
Optical channels256
Wavelength calibrationintern
Accuracy²+- 10 pm
Wavelength referenceintern
Resolution FWHM²typ. 35 pm
Display resolution1 pm
Scan time
Full band< 5 sec.
C-Band< 1sec.
Measuring points120.000
Level measurement
Dynamics³- 70 bis + 23 dBm
Absolute accuracytyp. +-0,5 dB
Max. Total power+ 23 dBm
Display resolution0,01 dB
In-Band OSNR
I-OSNR Dynamic rangebis > 30 dB
PMD tolerancebis 25 ps
Measurement accuracytyp. +-0,5dB
Datesbis 100 Gbs
Measuring time< 30 sec. (OSA-500RS, 20 nm Scan, 40 Channels

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