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TruePON Tester OLP-88

Reference: VIA-OLP-88

The OLP-88 TruePON Tester evaluates the GPON protocol for determining insertion loss and optical levels in down- and up-stream directions, recognizes the ODN classification, and documents the OLT & amp; ONU / ONT identification.

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Product description

TruePON Tester OLP-88 from Viavi

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks are now rapidly being expanded to meet the data hunger of end users. The current approach to commissioning PON networks is based on level measurements of the upstream and downstream signals using a selective PON level meter. However, service providers and their installers are increasingly experiencing GPON service activation and end-user performance issues that can not be solved with traditional testing methods.

Viavi Solutions' innovative OLP-88 TruePON Tester leverages new technologies and enables GPON data analysis for faster and error-free GPON service activation or troubleshooting.

Advantages of the OLP-88 TruePon Tester:

  • Simplifies ONT installation with a GPON ONT activation procedure
  • Accelerates service activation by extracting all relevant information from the GPON protocol (ONT serial number, OLT ID, PON signal level, and thresholds)
  • Facilitates service recovery by finding bad or fake ONU identifications that degrade service quality.

Application of the OLP-88 TruePon Tester:

  • Verification of the activation status of the ONU / ONT with the integrated GPON protocol analysis
  • Identification of the OLT ID
  • Automatic levels and insertion loss verification
  • Extraction of ONU / ONT serial numbers for automatic assignment of measurement results to a customer service contract
  • 50% faster and 100% error-free FTTH customer service
  • Supports the automatic good / bad evaluation of connector end faces

Features of the OLP-88 TruePon Tester:

  • User-friendly color touch display
  • Compact and lightweight (<1 kg)
  • Data storage up to 10,000 test results
  • USB, Ethernet and WiFi interfaces
  • 12 h battery life
  • Optionally with integrated patch cable microscope and compatible with P5000i microscope

Downloads - TruePON Tester OLP-88


Datencenter, Telekommunikation, Cyber Security, Industrie-Netzwerke, Fiber-Sensing Katalog

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