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DWDM ChannelChecker von Viavi

Reference: VIA-OCC-56

DWDM ChannelChecker handheld device for checking DWDM channels in the C or L band of Viavi (formerly JDSU).

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Product description

Smart Optical DWDM Channel Checker

Key features

  • Industry's smallest and lightest DWDM channel checker
  • Supports C-band or L-band applications
  • utstanding battery lifetime ensures highest flexibility
  • Graphical/tabular display mode
  • Supports 50 GHz, 100 GHz, or 200 GHz channel spacing (according to ITU-T)
  • Results can be saved via internal memory or external USB memory stick
  • Report generation software OFS-355

JDSU's Smart optical handhelds go beyond the basics
The JDSU OCC-56 is a handheld, battery-operated DWDM Channel Checker that is ideal for field service groups tasked with the installation, maintenance, and upgrades of DWDM systems. The OCC-56 scans the DWDM system and automatically records all channels with the wavelength/frequency and the related power level. The information can be displayed in a graphical spectrum format, or in a table of results so that users can easily check the performance of each and every channel.

The Smart DWDM Channel Checker is available in two different versions
OCC-56C covers all ITU-T frequencies from 1528 nm to 1564 nm based on a 50 GHz grid. OCC-56L is the complementary channel checker to address applications in the L-band from 1570 nm to 1609 nm.

Downloads - DWDM ChannelChecker von Viavi


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