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Random Pattern Projector - RPP

Reference: L2S-RPP-Laser

Random Pattern Projector - Structured lighting laser depth sensing projector, in a self contained laser module for 3D machine vision applications.

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Product description

RPP-Random Pattern Projector for Stereo Machine Vision

Structured lighting laser random dot matrix based on diffractive optic, in a self contained laser module for the most demanding industrial applications.

What is RPP?

Random Pattern Projector (RPP) is a divergent dot matrix pattern of N x N pixels with a ratio of bright and dark pixels of approximately 10 %. Each bright pixel is surrounded by at least 8 dark pixels with no contact between bright pixels. 

The bright pixels distribution is pseudo-random and the pattern is symmetric with respect to the center. Multiple laser projectors can be tiled to obtain a larger area while maintaining the same random pattern. 

Features of the Random Pattern Projector:

  • Industrial design
  • Etched in glass diffractive optic
  • Externally focusable 
  • High Pointing and Power stability 
  • ESD, Overvoltage & Over temperature protected
  • Up to 2 year warranty

Performance of the Random Pattern Projector:

  • 635 to 1550 nm
  • Up to 200 mW optical power
  • Focusable
  • On/Off Switch
  • Operation LED
  • Adjustable optical power
  • Protected against ESD-, Over-Temperature, Over-Voltage and wrong polarity

Applications of the Random Pattern Projector:

  • 3D Machine Vision
  • Movement detection
  • Volume measurement
  • Measurement and detection of structures, geometrics, edges, holes, groves, scratches, etc.

Downloads - Random Pattern Projector - RPP

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