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Autokollimator Justick 100

Reference: WEM-Justick-100

The autocollimator "Justick" sets new standards with its innovative technology. He is distinguished by its compact design and intelligent beamline. A must have for working with modern laser resonators.

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Product description


Using the patented side measurement port enables the electronic autocollimator "Justick" working in
tight space down to 20 mm. The powerful CMOS chip ensures accurate detection with low power
consumption. In combination with the built-in battery "Justick" allows an autonomous work.
The obtained results can be read comfortably on the external connected monitor.

Primarily designed for the adjustment of lasers, "Justick" offers a wide range of applications. It can be
used to align mirrors or other flat surface and measure their angle, or to compute the angle of prism.
The flatness of surfaces or the movement can be analyzed.


- The only device for the adjustment of modern laser resonators

- Outstanding cost-performance ratio

- Side measurement port

- Patented measuring method

- Battery operated

- Can be used in smallest space (≥ 20 mm) 

- Digital measurement results can be read on screen

- Extremely small and portable, rapidly deployable

- Center-adapter for different laser Systems



Technische Daten:
Focal-length of objective:100mm
Lens opening 9mm
Resolution:  0,5 arcsec
Accuracy: 1 arcsec
Size of point-light-source: 0,1mm
Field of view:    0,3°
Width of the sensor:   20mm
Height of the sensor:   30mm
Battery life:  1 h
Cable length:    1,2m

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