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fiber coupled laserdiodes

Reference: FOL-FC-xxx

Reliable fiber-coupled laser diodes with laser diode chips from German production.

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Dr. Stefan Kremser
Sales Engineer
+49 8153 405-16
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Product description

Fiber-coupled laser diodes


  • Single Emitter Laserdiode
  • Multiple Single Emitter (bis zu 7) oder
  • Einzel bars (Single Bar)

Optional: Protection against reflexes (signal protection) of the laser for example against 1064 nm.

Single Emitter fiber-coupled

TypPower (W)Wavelength (nm)Fiber (µm)Options
FCSE012-8808, 915, 940, 976105/200 
FCSExx10915, 940, 97610530 dB "Signal Protection" at 1064 nm
FCSE037-8808, 915, 976200PD, red LD, TEC, therm.
FCSE04>8915, 940, 976200PD, red LD, TEC, therm.


For protection against back reflections at the laser wavelength, with the appropriate number of pieces, it is also possible to use a filter coating (eg "signal protection" with 30 dB attenuation at 1064 nm, at 915 nm pump diodes). Please tell us your requirements and quantity.


Multiple Emitter fiber-coupled

TypPower (W)Wavelength (nm)Fiber (µm)Options
FCMSE5210-20808, 915, 940, 976400 
FCMSE021,5-50635, 808, 915, 940, 976400 
FCMSE5510-25808, 915, 940, 976105/200 
FCMSE568-16915, 940, 976200PD, rote LD, TEC, therm.
FCMSE5825-30808, 976200PD, rote LD, TEC, therm.

 Einzel bars (Single Bar) fiber-coupled

TypPower (W)Wavelength (nm)Fiber (µm)Options:
FCSB0130808, 915, 976400-800 
FCSB0430-40808, 976200-400 
  • Highest reliability
  • Chips from German production
  • Customized adjustments possible, such. Fiber length, fiber connector, fiber protection, package, performance, etc.
Please tell us your requirements!

Downloads - fiber coupled laserdiodes


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