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ORU 1 SDF SIS Concentrator Pillar Distribution Box

Reference: MIS-ORU-1-SDF-SIS-

ORU 1 SDF SIS Concentrator Pillar Distribution Box. ORU 1 SDF SIS is designed as splitter concentrator pillar distributor with hinged rack for assembly up to 4 splice modules SE for terminating or connecting of optical cables in micro-ducts or HDPE protecting pipes. Its construction enables using indoors and outdoors as well. It is installed in an open space in trench.

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Julian Sassmann
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Product description
  • Maximum capacity 144 optical splices
  • Maximum connected capacity 64 optical fibers
  • Maximum number of splice modules SAFeTNET 4 pcs.
  • Placement of optical reserve, length 4 m
  • Removable roof
Bushings3× PG 48, 2× PG 13,5, 2× PG 11, 1× PG 9
Coverage degreeIP 54 to EN 60529
Self-extinguishing degreeV0 to UL94
Impact protection degreeIK 10 to EN 50102
ColourLight grey RAL 7035
Material – distribution boxPREPREG SMC
Material – bushingsPA6/PVC
Material – metallic partsAluminium
Dimensions1200 × 390 × 350 mm
Weight44.5 kg

Downloads - ORU 1 SDF SIS Concentrator Pillar Distribution Box

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