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Multifunction polarization controller

Reference: GPC-MPC-201

The multifunction polarization controller MPC-201 has four operating modes for complete control of the polarization.

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Product description

General Photonics Multifunction Polarizer

The state of polarization (SOP) control of an optical signal was never easier < p>

The Multifunction Polarizer MPC-201 has four modes of operation for complete control of the polarization.

    • Polarization scrambling with adjustable scrambling speed
    • Manual adjustment of polarization
    • modulation of polarization
    • Externally triggered setting of random polarization states

The different polarization scrambling modes change the polarization state (SOP) as follows:

Tornado mode:

The polarization states are along a spiral path on the Poincaré sphere continuously traversing the reference axis is statistical or rotating. Application: System Stress Test

Rayleigh mode:

The polarization states are traversed so that an SOP distribution is created Mimics the behavior of a real fiber optic link.

Triangle mode:

Creates a continuous track with uniform coverage of polarization states the Poincaré sphere for PDL measurements

Random distribution:

The discrete polarization states are randomly driven with a uniform hop rate. The overall distribution is uniform

SOP Modulation Modus:


Manual Modus:

he internal polarization controllers are manually adjusted by adjusting the input voltage individual polarization axes can be controlled. This can be done via the control elements on the device or computer-controlled via the interfaces


Random discrete polarization states are generated upon application of a trigger signal. With every pulse the polarization controller jumps to the next discrete random polarization state. This is especially for Applications that require synchronization with other measuring equipment, such as recirculating Loop applications.

Features of the multifunction polarization controller

      • Many modes for controlling the polarization
      • Tornado Scrambling
      • Emulation of the SOP distribution of real fibers (Rayleigh mode
      • Diskretes SOP-Scrambling
      • SOP Modulation
      • Niedrige optische Verlust (IL, PDL, PMD, und AL)
      • Kontrastreiches OLED Display

Applications of multifunction polarization controller

      • Emulation of polarization state changes
      • PMD Emulation
      • Polarisations Scrambling
      • Untersuchung des Polarisationsabhängigen Verhaltens von optischen Übertragungssystemen
      • PDL/DOP Messung
      • Recirculating loop

Spezifikationen des Multifunktions Polarisationsstellers

Wavelength range

1260-1650nm (Standard) oder 980-1300nm


  • Discrete mode (random states): 0.00 to 20,000 points/s
  • Triangle mode: 0.00 to 2000 × 2π rad / s
  • Rayleigh mode: (Scramble rate distribution) 0.00 to 2000 rad / s (averaged)
  • Tornado mode (quasi-uniform scramble rate distribution): 0.00 to 2000 revolutions / sec

Agilent 11896A Scrambling-Emulation

Adjustable speeds: 1-8, Agilent emulates 11896A settings

Manual polarization control

Count the channels: 4

Range: 0 ~ 4 π per channel

Polarization modulation (each channel)

Waveform: sine, triangle, rectangle

Frequency: 0.00 bis 1000 Hz 

Amplitude: 0 bis 3π peak-to-peak

External trigger mode

Random SOP per TTL trigger pulse, up to 20,000 pointss

Insertion Damping

<0.5 dB mit Stecker (<0.1 dB intrinsically)


<0.05 dB with plug

Activation loss1

<0.05 dB with plug

Reflux Damping

>50 dB with Plug (>70 dB intrinsically)


<0.1 ps with Plug

Max. optical input level

1000 mW

operating temperatur

0 ° C bis 50 ° C

storage temperature

-20 ° C bis 70 ° C


USB, RS-232, Ethernet, GPIB

Trigger-Connections (electrical)

Steckverbinder: BNC 

Ausgangs-Trigger: TTL Puls pro generiertem SOP im diskreten  Scrambling-Modus

Eingangs-Trigger: pro TTL Puls wird ein zufälliger SOP Zustand generiert


OLED Display



The specifications in this table apply to the version with the standard wavelength range of 1260-1650nm above the Temperature range 25 ± 5 ° C.
1 A version with low PDL / Activation loss (0.01 dB intrinsic) is available on request for PDL measurement applications available

Downloads - Multifunction polarization controller


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