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10 G copper certifier

Reference: VIA-NGC-500-EU

Viavi's 10G Certifier is designed to certify enterprise networks. It is the new generation of cable certification for classes D, E, Ea, up to 500 MHz.

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Product description
Viavi's 10G Copper Certifier provides technicians with all the functionality they need to certify copper networks quickly, fully and correctly based on all local network cabling standards.

Higher efficiency in testing

The 10G Certifier is not only the most technically advanced tester on the market, but also the fastest and most comprehensive solution. The technician is able to complete the order without errors and on time!

  • The industry's fastest solution for Category 6A can certify cables in just 9 seconds. This saves up to 30 minutes testing 150 Category 6A cables.
  • Complete test transparency at the near and far end.
  • Preconfigured with the specifications of all leading cable manufacturers.


  • Complete certification of networks with just one tester.
  • Optimum productivity with the industry's fastest testing process.
  • Comprehensive measurement results in accordance with the new requirements of ISO 11801 and TIA-568 standards.
  • Display of the test setup and the result data as well as processing of the marking at the near and far end.


  • Complete certification of copper cables in accordance with ISO 11801 / TIA 568.
  • Certification of data centers according to TIA-942-A.

Performance Features:

  • Permanent link and channel adapters certified to ISO Classes D / E / EA and TIA categories 5e / 6 / 6A.
  • Integrated, standards-based cable marking and reporting to demonstrate certification.

Downloads - 10 G copper certifier

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