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18.04.2017 | World sensation – for the first time, blue lasers (450 nm) reach up to 200 watts of power

Blauer Hochleistungslaser zur Lasermaterialbearbeitung

With its very strong power and high beam quality, the laser is the ideal tool, especially for the material processing of colored metals, especially for copper alloys. By using blue laser radiation in material processing, an efficient and stable process is ensured compared to laser beam sources in the IR or green range, the result of which also shows a significant increase in quality and throughput. For example, when laser welding copper components, the use of the blue Nuburu Laser is reflected by higher process speeds at lower process instabilities (e.g. splashes, pores) and the highest seam qualities. Due to the lower wavelength, much higher resolutions can be achieved compared to IR lasers.