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22.06.2016 | Lens sets for laser laboratories

The 27-part lens series for schools and university institutions. The practical wooden box allows the lenses to be stored in a vibration-proof and space-saving way. In the Lensensammlung unmounted collection and diverging lenses in the focal lengths of 30 mm to 200 mm are combined. This variety of variations is ideal for setting up experiments or developing small test setups.

  • Uniform outside diameter of 25.4 mm
  • Focus length varies from 30 - 200 mm
  • Special wooden box for practical storage

Technical specifications:

  • Part number: SLB-25.4-SET
  • Material BK7
  • Design-Wavelength 546,1 nm
  • Refractive index n (546,1 nm) = 1,519
  • Coating: Uncoated
  • Clear Aperture 90 % of the diameter
  • Surface quality (Scratch-Dig) 20 – 10