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20.10.2016 | Michael Strasser - new application engineer and expert in Laser Material Processing

Michael Strasser

As an application engineer and a new expert for laser material processing, Michael Strasser strengthens Laser 2000 GmbH in Sales & Marketing and is particularly responsible for customer-specific system solutions. At the Munich University of Applied Sciences, Mr. Strasser completed a bachelor's degree in physical engineering with a focus on "magnetic susceptibility and self-developed measuring methods". After a 6-month semester abroad at the University of Malta, he subsequently completed a master's degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on precision engineering and laser material processing at the Institute for Jet Tools (IFSW).

Already during his bachelor studies he worked at the Research Reactor Munich 2 in Garching in the department Sample Environment. During his master studies he worked as a freelance designer in the sectors lift construction, automotive and high-tech sports equipment. Our home-bound specialist Michael Strasser also pursues his passion for laser material processing with technical handicrafts in his spare time. To compensate, he practices sporting activities such as basketball and tennis and mountain sports and enthusiastic for vintage cars and motorcycles.