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Splicer Service Center

Laser 2000 INNO Instruments Service Center

Feel well-cared-for in the Laser 2000 Service Center, and give your splicer the very best treatment.
Although splicers have been optimized for low maintenance, robustness, and a long service life, regular (yearly) maintenance of this equipment is recommended. Trained technicians and support engineers perform the desired or required maintenance and repair work at our facilities, quickly and reliably. Of course, we can provide you with a loaner device as required. Our Service Center provides periodic service checks for fusion splicers from the manufacturer INNO .
These annual checks include the provision of maintenance seals and repair certificates.

Our standard service includes:

  • Firmware upgrade
  • Complete cleaning of the device and accessories
  • Check and adjustment of all device parameters
  • Cleaning and adjustment of CCD cameras
  • Machine tests such as motor limit, motor endurance, z-tests (linear and forward), dust test, etc.
  • Test splices and measurements
  • Quality seal and repair certificate with test report
  • Reminder service for annual maintenance