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04/22/2021 | Free Webcast - MPLC Beamshaping for Microprocessing and High-Power Lasers

Webcast - Advances Diode Laser Technology

Webcast title: MPLC Beamshaping for Microprocessing and High-Power Lasers
Date: 12. Mai 2021, 15:00 Uhr (MEZ)

Cailabs has a unique technology for manipulating the shape of light, called MPLC.

The transformation of spatial modes is a key element based on the succession of transverse phase profiles, similar to highly complex lenses separated by a specific propagation distance. MPLC is able to shape multiple light beams for stable industrial development and optimization of existing laser processes.

The Canunda product range based on this technique consists of four fully reflective solutions for a broad variety of applications.

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