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07/02/2020 | Free Webcast - Evolution of 2-Photon Microscopy with femtosecond ALCOR lasers

Free Webinar Alcor Lasers

Webcast titel: Evolution of 2-Photon Microscopy with femtosecond ALCOR lasers
Date: 23 July 2020, 3 pm (MEZ)

Especially in the field of biophotonics, excellent penetration depth and extremely high contrast are the basis for successful results. The Alcor femtosecond lasers from Spark Lasers in the currently most important wavelengths 920 nm and 1064 nm provide the solution. This is because the recently launched power of 4 or 5 watts enables both at a previously unattained level. Moreover, thanks to the integrated AOM and fiber coupling, Alcor products are extremely compact, significantly more stable and less expensive.

In this webcast you will get an overview of the functionality, application areas and advantages compared to the conventional Ti:sapphire laser.

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