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11/28/2018 | Laser 2000 supplies off-axis paraboloid for Jupiter mission

For the "Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer" (JUICE) mission of ESA, Laser 2000 provides an off-axis paraboloid from our partner Optical Surfaces Ltd. to Hensoldt Holding. The OPA has a diameter of 550 mm. In addition, two identically folded plane mirrors with a diameter of 600 mm are used.

In 2022, the JUICE mission starts its journey to Jupiter. It explores the planet itself and its three icy moons Ganymede, Europe and Calisto. Both the topography and the time dependent shape of Ganymede will be determined very precisely thanks to GALA, one of ten scientific instruments. 

The GALA instrument is composed of three units: a transceiver unit, a laser electronics unit and an electronics unit. At the heart of the transceiver unit is a lightweight Ritchey–Chrétien telescope incorporating precision optics capable of providing e.g. topographical vertical resolution of less than 5 meters. Our products will be used for optical testing of that telescope.