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18.10.2017 | Make money with your old copper or fibre certifier

Trade-In-Angebot 2017

Your old copper or fiber certifiers are still worth cash! 
When you buy a new copper or fiber tifter, you will get money back to submit your old device.

The following devices are offered in the trade-in::

New DeviceCertifierPart number
Cash Back
when buying
until 15.12.17
Cash Back
when buying
until 28.02.18
Level A10G Certifier-500 MHzVIA-NGC-500-6A-EU1.000 €850 €
Level B40G Certifier-2500 MHzVIA-NGC-4500-FA-EU1.400 €1.250 €
MTS-2000 Mini OTDR with Quad-ModulVIA-MTS2000-QUAD
Single Mode Tier 1 Optical Loss Test KitVIA-OLTS-85-31
Multi Mode Tier 1 Optical Loss Test KitVIA-OLTS-85-34
Quad Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit (MM+SM)VIA-OLTS-85-35
Quad Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit (MM+SM)VIA-OLTS-85-35P
Level C40G Certifier Tier 1 KitVIA-NGC-4500-CUMMEF-EU1.900 €1.750 €
Return*CAT5 oder besser
*Optical Loss Test Set

Process of the trade-in:

  • Buy one of the above devices from 04.10.17 to 28.02.18
  • After delivery, the return of your old device starts:
    • With the invoice of the new device, you will receive the trade-in PDF as well as a return form
    • Return deadline is 4 weeks after delivery of the new device, at the latest at the date of the year, together with a copy of the invoice of the new device and the completed trade-in PDF
    • Upon receipt of the trade-in device, you will receive the corresponding amount of money transferred from a company contracted by Viavi

Do you need further information on multiple fibre measurement and inspection technology (MPO/MTP) outside of our trade-in program? We are happy to answer your questions or create an attractive offer for you.