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Cleaning set for splicers

Reference: LWL-CleanSpect-

Complete equipment for cleaning and inspecting plugs and couplings incl. Operating instructions

0,00 € tax excl.

Product description

Complete support for back and inspection of plugs and couplings Instruction Manual

Suitcases stand out:
VIA-OLP85 (including VIA-RBP2 + VIA-PS4 power supply)
VIA FBP P5000i Package FCM / VIA Fit FC Kit
Fiber Optic Fiber Light
Fiber Optic Fiber Light Adapter
USC-roller cleaner
USC-one-click 2.5
USC One-Click 1.25
FIS CCTS-12-0910
FIS CCTS-25-0910
FIS FCC2-00-0900
FIS Wipes
Fiber Hard Case

Please note that different versions of the case are available.

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