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Allg. Reinigung von LWL-Steckern

Reference: LWL-Steckerreinigung

Plug cleaning for the functioning of transmission systems

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Product description

Cleanliness is the basic requirement for the functioning of the transmission system. There are several options for successful fiber optic plug cleaning.

Fiber optic connector cleaning options

  • Dry cleaning (cleaning cassettes, fiber optic connectors with couplings)
  • Wet cleaning for pre-cleaning heavy soiling
  • The combination cleaning (wet + dry in one step)
  • Professional cleaning equipment (Cleanblast, Ferrule Pro).

Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning? Why this effort?

  • Cleanliness of the connector end face is a basic requirement for the functioning of the transmission system
  • Minor pollution leads to:
    • increased attenuation up to the interruption of the connection
    • Distance between plugs and thus strong back reflection
    • Scratches on the mating connector/gauge

Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning? How best?

  • Dry Cleaning - & gt; Check with a microscope - & gt; clean with water if necessary
  • Caution! Always dry dry (remaining alcohol residues may attract dust again)
  • wet / dry combination cleaning in one step

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Reinigungsanleitung für LWL Verbindungen

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