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Simplex cable

Reference: FBW-Breakoutkabel

The breakout cables can be made with all available fibers (see under "Fiber (sold by the meter)".

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Product description

FBW-Breakoutkabel General Information

The cable can be made with different fibers and designs

  • Wavelength range 190 nm - 2300 nm
  • Single and multi cable design
  • Customized variants possible


  • Semi-tight buffered fiber
  • Fibers are in loose tubes
  • Combination of several Simplex cables in one cable construction
  • Temperature range -5 ° C to + 50 ° C


  • Buffer, tube, or jacket material for high temperatures
  • custom lettering
  • pre-cut lengths
  • Color coding of the sub-units

Downloads - Simplex cable

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