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xWDM Portfolio WaveReady®

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WaveReady® is a comprehensive WDM portfolio ideal for front end, backhaul, multi-service operators (MSO), data center interconnect, and metro and regional optical WDM transport networks.

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Product description

WaveReady® - A comprehensive yet easy-to-use WDM portfolio!

WaveReady® is a comprehensive WDM portfolio that is ideal for datacenter and metro and regional WDM optical transport networks, Fronthaul, backhaul, multi-service operators (MSO) and distributed antenna systems (DAS).

The WaveReady systems consist of simple and cost-effective products that enable network operators and service providers to deliver peak performance on a reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use WDM optical infrastructure. They are ideal for supplementing existing networks or as the foundation for next-generation networks.

The WaveReady platform is a carrier-grade solution that is proven and NEBS-3 certified, but with the flexibility expected of optical transmission systems companies and service providers. It supports numerous applications such as: 

  • Wavelength Services
    such as CWDM Access, DWDM transport solutions with optical amplifier systems, OADM, Mux / Demux and UMUX
  • Ethernet aggregation,
  • optical demarcation solutions and network terminations
  • optical regeneration
  • optical protection
  • Network Monitoring
  • Data center connections and SAN extension

in indoor or outdoor applications.

Subracks and Management:

The subracks (series 3500 and 3100) are the basis for the complete optical platform with power-supplied modules. The exception are modules which are mounted separately in the rack.

The portfolio also includes small 1U racks for mounting many WaveReady passive modules and LGX-compatible third-party modules.

The system controller card (COM-300) enables uniform external communication via Ethernet or USB with the racks and modules being operated. Two optical SFP ports also allow communication between sites via WDM.

The FCAPS network management software (WaveReady Node Manager and Multi-Node Manager) enables the management of the cards in the rack and cascaded racks as a network element or in the network.

Transponder and Muxponders

The following components are available i.a. to select:

  • 4 port Multi-protocol 10Gbps Dual XFP Transponder (Brocade certified)
  • Flexible C / DWDM 4.25Gbps SFP transponder
  • 4 port Dual Flex rate 10Gbps SFP transponder
  • 3 port Flexible C / DWDM GFP Muxponders
  • 10 port 10Gbps Ethernet aggregation
  • 4 port 3 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet Ethernet Aggregation


The WaveReady® reconfigurable optical add / drop multiplexer (ROADM) is a flexible and powerful wavelength conversion and channeling solution that enables DWDM Wavelength Division Multiplexed Networks (DWDM).

The WaveReady ROADM utilizes advanced microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology to enable flexible wavelength planning in DWDM systems using industry-leading Lumens technology for wavelength-selective switches (WSS) and optical channel monitoring (OCM).

It also provides the ability to manage dynamic add / drop and passthrough power levels to compensate for single channel degradation, amplifier gain bias, or broadband loss changes.

The FLEX-Grid technology allows a flexible adjustment of the bandwidth of the channel depending on the signal to be transmitted, from 50GHz up to the 150GHz Super-Channel for 400G applications.

Thus, the assembly offers the user all the complete degrees of freedom: Colourless / Directionless / Contentionless (wavelength independent / direction independent / wavelength conflict free)

Passive WDM filter components

WaveReady CWDM products support a variety of multiplex solutions for single and dual fiber systems. Typical passive CWDM applications include: 1310/1550 nm overlay, 8-channel Mux / Demux or UMUX and CWDM OSP optical add / drop.

WaveReady DWDM passive products support a variety of multiplex solutions for single and dual fiber systems. Typical passive DWDM applications are: interleaving, 1310/1550 nm overlay, 8-channel Mux / Demux or UMUX, DWDM OSP optical add / drop and 40- or 88-channel DWDM multiplexer / demultiplexer systems.

These are available in different, depending on the application designs for both indoor and outdoor.


WaveReady® EDFA amplifiers meet the needs of amplifier applications. Features include single, multi-channel WDM, tilt control, OSC and automatic chip loss control, depending on the model.

The WaveReady® Intelligent Line Amplifiers (ILAs) are rugged, compact 1 and 2-rack (RU) optical amplifiers that reduce the complexity of implementing, managing and operating the optical amplifier, especially in harsh environments. Removable as a preamplifier, post amplifier or inline, the WaveReady ILA is self-optimizing, automatically customizable and easy to use.

The WRA-2xx series amplifiers include a sophisticated gain control loop, an efficient pump laser, and a mid-stage variable attenuator. The amplifiers can be configured as boosters or as pre or inline amplifiers. The modules operate in constant signal gain mode by default, but can be configured to a constant total output power mode. Its ease of use and performance make WRA-2xx amplifiers the ideal solution for high-density metro applications. Some models include Tilt Support and Optical Services Channel (OSC) capability.

In addition to the EDFA amplifiers, a RAMAN amplifier is also available.

Further information in the data sheet.

Downloads - xWDM Portfolio WaveReady®

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