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xWDM optical WHITEBOXES for SDN from Lumentum

Reference: JDP-WB-

The Whitebox optical platform, consisting of ROADM, Mux / DeMux and Amplifiers, is designed for simplicity and scalability with open, vendor-neutral interfaces (SDN) and consists of configurable building blocks (Netconf / YANG) that support networking in a variety of applications.

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Product description

WHITEBOX, a box that is white?

A whitebox in connection with a telecom network is really only the "bare" standard hardware. It is the fundamental building block in a network. It enables network operators to select exactly the elements they need to build a future-proof Software Defined Network (SDN).

The world's first products based on this SDN Whitebox platform are focused on simple point-to-point applications in Data Center Interconnect, such as ROADMs; Amplifier; DWDM filter (for the Metro DWDM transport).

The Optical Whitebox extends the SDN concept of generic Whitebox switching hardware (Layer 2-3) for the first time with optical transport (Layer 1).

Lumentum's Optical Whitebox platform is designed for simplicity and scalability with open, vendor-neutral interfaces. This family of configurable devices helps build network solutions in a variety of applications based on specific performance and low cost requirements. The platform supports open interfaces to simplify the integration of whiteboxes into SDN controller / orchestrator layers, allowing system integrators and network operators to quickly migrate their networks and provide services.

Platform properties:

  • 1RU/HE, 19-23”, 470mm deep
  • Removable fans & power supply (120/240V AC)
  • Linux operating system
  • Management: Netconf / Yang, CLI, Java GUI

block functions:

  • TrueFlexTM Switch: Double 1xN WSS (N = 9, 20, 32) or Single 1xN (N = 2-9)
  • Amplifier: 2 x EDFAs (Switchable or Variable Gain); 2 x Raman (2-pump) for ILA only
  • Monitoring & Protection: Tap / PD Arrays; 4-port Optical Channel Monitor; OTDR; APS.

Whitebox Mux/DeMux

The Whitebox Mux / DeMmux is a passive element that provides the input / output point for data transmission channels. The device does not require any external power or management connections. The inventory data for the device is visible via the associated power amplifier. Passive Mux / Demux provides an efficient entry / exit point for many network channels.

Whitebox amplifier

The pre- and final amplifier (Terminal Amplifier) ​​and the associated Mux / Demux form the starting and ending point of a transport route. It supports two variable gain EDFAs, OSC termination for management, optical channel monitor and automatic line protection on two links within a 1RU network element.

The Line Amplifier extends the range between the Mux / DeMux locations beyond the range of power amplifiers. It combines all the functions needed for bidirectional amplification in a single 1RU network element. It can be managed via the implemented OSC management channel.

Pre- and final amplifiers as well as line amplifiers are located in an identical network element

Whitebox ROADM

The ROADM is used to support the wavelength interconnection in mesh networks. It supports a TrueFlex® Twin 1xN (9-20 +) or a 1xN (2-9) Wavelength Selective Switch, two high-performance variable gain EDFAs, OSC termination, and an optical channel monitor in a 1RU network element.

Network Management Integration

Lumentums Whitebox is a NETCONF / Yang Model-enabled device designed to integrate with third-party SDN controllers.

In addition, there are two additional management interfaces that make it easy to migrate to future SDN networks:

  • An intuitive Java-based GUI application for technician transition and debugging
  • A simple command-line interface that can be used to access all device management features in equal measure

Further information in the data sheets

Press releases: Leading Lights “Best New Product (Telecom)” Award and Video

Downloads - xWDM optical WHITEBOXES for SDN from Lumentum


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Download (10.93M)

Lumentum Whitebox MuxDeMux

Download (164.41k)

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