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Aire X-Stream

Reference: LPE-SAX1-1250-1KS-SFP

The Aire X-Stream Ultra Low Latency (ULL) is the industry latest lightpointe product with extremely low latency (<20 ns) on the market, featuring a four-beam system with automatic beam tracking.

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Product description

Aire X-Stream System
GigE 1.25 Gbps full duplex
Quad Beam transceiver
Extreme low latency
Auto-power Control
Built-In telescope
Lens defroster & heater
Built-in status LEDs & signal strength meter alignment tools
User selectable power: PoE (included) or direct 48 Vdc (max 60 watts)
AirePexT smart switch technology for add/drop
Network interface RJ-45 (1000BaseTx)
Optional (add/drop) secondary port: MM or SM fiber, RJ-45 (1000BaseTx) SFP
Easy management access thru Web Brower
Remote firmware/ web content file upload
SNMP v.1/v.2c compatible
Integration into standard SNMP management system via MIB II libraries
User selectable in-band/out-band management interface, support for
management VLAN

Downloads - Aire X-Stream


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