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Zum Absetzen von Bündeladern

Reference: LWL-Bündeladerzange

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Product description

RAUCUT - I Pruning Tool

RAUCUT - I Pruning Tool for opening loose tube cables from 1.8 to 4.2 mm without fiber separation.

Simple longitudinal cut without damaging the fiber optic fiber. A small area of ​​the loose tube is peeled off. Then one or more fibers can be removed with the additionally included tool.

Optional accessories:
Inserts for loose-tube diameter 0.9 and 1.1 mm are available

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Werkzeug-Reinigungstasche - Bestellformular 2011

Download (599k)

Datencenter, Telekommunikation, Cyber Security, Industrie-Netzwerke, Fiber-Sensing Katalog

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INNO Instrument Brechgeräte und Zubehör

Download (1.07M)

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