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Krimpspleißschutz (150 Stück)

Reference: LWL-Krimpspleißschutz

The crimp splice protection serves to protect the splice against climatic and mechanical stresses. The protection is processed with the splice protection press.

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Product description

150 crimp protection sleeves in one box

new optimized packaging
* 1box contains 5 stripes with 30 protection sleeves each in a blister packaging
* each stripe consists of 5 parts with 6 pieces of protection sleeves
length 30 mm

Downloads - Krimpspleißschutz (150 Stück)


Datencenter, Telekommunikation, Cyber Security, Industrie-Netzwerke, Fiber-Sensing Katalog

Download (10.93M)

INNO Instrument Spleißgräte

Download (1.2M)

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