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We founded our Academy in 2003 as part of a quality campaign aimed at sharing our high level of technical industry expertise on an expert-to-expert level with our (prospective) customers. At the same time, we aim to transfer and increase knowledge on current topics and trends.

The comprehensive range of seminars offered by the Laser 2000 Academy serves as an optimal resource for covering individual customer needs regarding various topics.

The Laser 2000 Academy is a major training course provider in Germany, and conducts seminars in cooperation with well-known institutions such as the Bayerisches Laserzentrum (Bavarian Laser Center), the Dr. M. Siebert community seminars, the Glasfaserschule (fiber optics school) at Diamond GmbH, Technische Akademie Esslingen (Technical Academy Esslingen), and Seibersdorf Labor GmbH.

Over nearly 15 years, more than 2,500 participants at 500+ seminars have benefited from more than 4,000 hours of lectures – the Laser 2000 Academy is a resounding success. Tremendous demand and positive feedback from participants demonstrate that the Laser 2000 Academy has closed an important gap in the education and training of professionals in this sector.

All Seminars and Workshops

Laser Safety

Laserschutzbeauftragter für technische Laseranwenungen

Laser Safety Officer for Technical Laser Applications

Conveys expertise according to the German OStrV law as well as expertise according to DGUV regulation 11 for laser safety officers for technical laser applications.
Laser Safety Officer for Technical Laser Applications (Online)

Laser Safety Officer for Technical Laser Applications (online seminar)

Conveys expertise according to the German OStrV law as well as expertise according to DGUV regulation 11 for laser safety officers for technical laser applications (online seminar during COVID-19 pandemia).

Laser Safety Standard EN 60825-1 Edition 3

Professional seminar on the classification of laser products based on the new version of the laser safety standard EN 60825-1.
Praxistraining Laserschutz

Individual laser protection training on-site

On-site laser safety training or laser safety instruction (in German or English) tailored to customer requirements.

Laser safety officer (on-site)

Laser safety officer (on-site training)

Accredited on-site training for becoming a laser safety officer according to the german optical beam protection ordinance (held in English or German).
Praxistraining Laserschutz

Application training laser safety

This training will improve your knowledge of laser protection and provide you with important practical information and tips.


FRED für Fortgeschrittene

FRED for advanced users

This in-depth three-day seminar is aimed at advanced users of the FRED software – with a focus on lasers.
FRED für Einsteiger

FRED for beginners

This three-to-four-day course includes in-depth practical exercises using your own notebook and the current, full FRED version, and is identical to the courses offered in Tucson, Arizona.

Scattered Light Seminar

This special seminar on the topic of scattered light is aimed at those with previous knowledge in the field of optical design and radiometry.
Semrock Seminar für optische Filter

Semrock Seminar for Optical Filters

Semrock is the leading manufacturer of optical filters and mirrors for life science, biotech, and laser systems.

Fiber Optic and Network Technology

Akademie Seminar Individualtraining

Individual Training

Strengthen your team – our individual training doubles your success! After a thorough analysis of the level of knowledge, the training content will be created based on your needs.