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  • The FRC220 multi-chassis solution from CTC Union Technologies is a multi-service platform that provides an economical and reliable solution in high-density media converter module installation for telecom network operators, large enterprise, long haul transmission and telecom applications factory automation.

  • The PL-X000 platform is a unique, pay-as-you-grow, all-in-one optical WDM solution that supports 8/16/32G FC, sub-10G to 100G services. The PacketLight solution has an unprecedented rich feature set that is cost-effectively packaged in a compact 1U chassis with ultra-low power consumption.

  • The Whitebox optical platform, consisting of ROADM, Mux / DeMux and Amplifiers, is designed for simplicity and scalability with open, vendor-neutral interfaces (SDN) and consists of configurable building blocks (Netconf / YANG) that support networking in a variety of applications.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items