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Data Transmission There are 15 products.

In many applications, image acquisition with one or more cameras does not take place at the same location as the evaluation, so that information must first travel a certain distance before it can be processed.

This transport route can be influenced and even limited by the selected communication interface or by the prevailing environmental conditions, such as electromagnetic radiation.

Since an electrical signal amplification by so-called repeaters is often not sufficient, special converters have been developed to convert the electrical signal into an optical signal. This extends the possible transmission distance by several times and the sensitivity to external interferences decreases. The reconversion into an electrical signal is then carried out by the receiver-side counterpart.

At the end of this chain there is usually a frame grabber which bundles all information and sometimes carries out first preprocessing of the data before the actual image processing is done.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items