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Optical measuring and test systems

Fiber Optic Lab and Production Measurement Technology There are 76 products.

Laser 2000 provides a variety of test solutions to meet daily laboratory, production, and development challenges. Here you can find a selection of Laser 2000 solutions, such as microscopes for the inspection of connector cleanliness, interferometers, RL/IL test solutions, polarization controllers and analyzers, and optical switches. The solutions are available as a modular system for full flexibility and extensibility, or as individual units.

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  • GPCs’ 2nd generation all fiber phase shifter/modulator provides phase shifts up to 65π with a much lower half-wave voltage (~2 volts as compared with 10-20 volts for the 1st generation phase shifter) at frequencies from DC to 20 kHz

  • The FPS-003 all fiber phase shifter/modulator combines a wide modulation bandwidth (up to 60 kHz) with low half-wave voltages to create a long-range device that can be driven by standard function generators.

  • The smart temperature chamber STC-101 enables the characterization of the temperature-dependent behavior of fiber optic components and other compact components. Accurate control of temperature, temperature distribution and temporal temperature history allows demanding applications such as the measurement of the Shupe effect in the fiber coils of a fiber...

  • FerruleProT - Automatic table cleaner for fiber optic connector surfaces

Showing 73 - 76 of 76 items