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Fiber Optics There are 108 products.

Bandwidth requirements for modern communication infrastructures are accelerating the trend of implementing more and more fiber optic solutions in mobile and stationary networks. Our fiber optic range includes products that are required to build a fiber optical transmission path. These paths are used in all places where data or optical power are meant to be transmitted.

Our product portfolio includes components for private and public networks as well as ones for industrial applications. The focus is on customized solutions and products for use in local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), in-house and hybrid cabling, and fiber management systems. More specifically, we offer active and passive components, various fibers, different cables, patch cords, and pigtails as well as cable management systems.

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  • GPCs' high-speed polarization state generator (PSG) module provides the ability to generate 6 states of polarization (-45°, 0°, 45°, 90°, RHC & LHC) across the Poincaré Sphere in less than 250 μs, with an impressive repeatability of less than 0.1 degrees.

  • The PolaStay™ polarization tracker automatically adjusts the state of polarization (SOP) towards a reference SOP, counteracting continuous input SOP variations as fast as 0.9 ms with no resets.

  • GPCs' in-line polarimeter is specially designed for low cost, high-speed polarization characterization without interrupting data traffic. It outputs four voltage signals for calculating both the degree of polarization (DOP) and the state of polarization (SOP) of the light passing through the device in microseconds.

  • This is the in-line version of the PolaRITE™ polarization controller. It can be inserted into a fiber optic system to control the polarization state of light without having to disconnect any part of the system.

  • Simultaneously detecting the powers of two orthogonal polarization components is important for many sensor and measurement systems, to either obtain polarization related information or minimize polarization sensitivity.

  • This module integrates a General Photonics all-fiber dynamic polarization controller with miniature piezo driver card, so that the SOP of the signal can be directly controlled either by a 0-5V analog control signal or a 12-bit TTL digital control signal. Because there is an on-board HV DC/DC converter, no external high voltage power supply is required.

  • GPC's Scrambler module uses a breakthrough all- fiber technology to effectively randomize polarization states. This module is designed to be easily plugged into sensor equipment or measurement instruments with minimal development effort.

  • GPCs' 4-axis Polarization Scrambler Module uses a breakthrough all-fiber technology to effectively randomize polarization states. Depolarizing by polarization scrambling has many important applications:

  • The PolaRITE™ III is a low profile polarization controller for system integration with significantly reduced height and size.

  • Speckle patterns from a multimode fiber can cause problems in many applications that require uniform, stable light distributions at the fiber output. The MMS-201 multimode scrambler, is specially designed to solve this problem.

  • In cooperation with our partner Xenlux, Laser 2000 offers support and consultancy for new and continuing development of custom specific fiber optic components and subsystems. With many years of experience, our target-oriented approach and precise monitoring of each phase of the project guarantee timely prototyping and short time to market.

  • Standard and customized fiber optic components for instrumentation, fiber sensing or signal transmission for reliable acquisition and analysis of complex measurement and monitoring data.

Showing 97 - 108 of 108 items