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  • JAI’s Apex Series is a range of 3-CCD area scan cameras delivering advanced RGB color imaging that’s ideal for demanding machine vision applications across a diverse range of industries.

  • Multi-spectral cameras and High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras - JAI's Fusion Series uses dual-sensor prism technology to deliver imaging solutions that are both innovative and cost-effective.

  • JAI’s megapixel area scan cameras Go Series delivers an exceptional blend of small size, high versatility, and excellent performance, all at an entry-level price, making them the perfect starting point for a wide range of machine vision applications.

  • Advanced area scan cameras delievering high resolution, high frame rates and high image quality.

  • The THz-Camera is a flexible Terahertz imaging solution for science and industry.

Zeige 1 - 5 von 5 Produkte